Place your orders and forget, it will be streamlined and delivered at the earliest

Freshorders is a purchase order software that gives flexibility and convenience to the retailers and distributors alike

Easy to use, quick to setup

Fast to set up retailers/distributor conection for all the SKUs

Bidirectional Ordering

Orders can be paced by retailers or taking orders by the distributor/agency

Happy, engaged distributors/retailers

Boost productivity and engagement with automations

  • Online-to-Offline(O2O) solution for purchase orders
  • Online Purchase Ordering – SaaS for small outlets to distributors
  • Distributor network and the merchants are loosely coupled, no real time communication from both end
  • Out of Stock or Overstock situation can be easily addressed


  • Any outlet has at least 30-400 SKUs, it requires lots of phone calls and follow ups with the distributor/agency
  • Distributor has a rigid delivery schedules covering certain streets, missing a day means two weeks delay
  • Orders captured and merchandize delivered the next day, lead time of one day
  • All Orders are paper and pen based today and some in excel sheet/tally/stand alone applications


  • Mobile based SaaS solution for the outlets to place the order as and when the item reaches MoQ or Out of stock
  • No need for computers, wired internet connection
  • Merchants need not remember ‘n’ number of distributors and their contact information
  • Distributor gets the instant information of the purchase order and schedules can be planned accordingly
  • No wastage of time and resource to make a periodic trip to the merchants


  • Maintain the history of the purchase
  • Machine learns the ordering based on the time of the day/day of the week/month/seasons and prompts proactively
  • No need to call the number of the supplier, just order and leave, the system does the mapping and the rest.


  • FMCG Distribution

  • Dairy Distribution
  • Bottled Water
  • C&F Agencies
  • Chemical/Enzymes Distribution
  • Liquor/Alcohol Outlet

How it works

Salesman initiated Orders
Merchant Orders